How did I get involved with the MAN FROM UNCLE group

We are all fans of the MAN FROM UNCLE TV series.
We love our heroes, NAPOLEON SOLO and ILLYA KURYAKIN
We love their fun ,action, energy ,romance, and generally their AFFAIRS against the enemy…
 This is the link of our group in Facebook:
I welcome you to my group.
                                                                    Sissy Prot. Karamerou

Our group is Public Anyone can see who’s in our  group and what we post. Anyone can be a VISITOR, or PARTICIPANT And Member whoever wishes to JOIN!BUT WE HAVE RULES and we wish everyone to respect them.Me as the ADMIN and creator of this group I not only have assistance from our MODERATORS &GROUP EXPERTS but from simple MEMBERS (our AGENTS) too…

The creation of the AGENT’s badges came to my mind almost 3 years ago when I was
co-admining a similar group……
2 years ago, namely on September 2nd ,2021 I decided to form my own group, operate it the way I wish and thus I created the:

FREE AT LAST , I started slowly
slowly to discover THE MAN FROM UNCLE from scratch!

The time I first came across the TV SERIES was back in the 60’s….In 1966 when I was 10 years old!! I had even formed an organization called UNCLE …I had made a “ code” of correspondence which I shared with my AGENTS…and created badges…

Innocent years back then, intriguing at the same time ,espionage was a daily subject in the news….and we, as kids tried to pretend we were Illya or Napoleon performing acts, buying toys, plastic guns, plastic badges , bubble gums and collective Cards with the photos of our beloved heroes!We didn’t have communicators only something that resembled Walkie Talkies… no invisible pens! But we had lemon for that!!!!(ha ha)As as I mentioned earlied we had also created our own “ secret language”…I remember my mother whispering to my dad: Sissy is hiding things from us….Ah! Poor mum…You ought to have known how creative your daughter was….back then.