Sissy Prot Karamerou

May 10


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The Kuryakin File, sometimes collectively known as The Kuryakin Files, is an ongoing gen Man From U.N.C.L.E. anthology presently published by NorthCoast Press. Formerly published by Peacock Press (Issues 1-6), edited by Jean Graham, and Faux Pas Press (Issues 7-8), edited by Gail Mihara & Lauren Katzive. The zine is currently published and edited by Lisa Madden.

Kuryakin File 1 was published in 1985 and contains 84 pages.

  • The Table of Contents is as follows-
  • The Lie by Joy Ashenfelder–“The Motherland must harbor and nourish the best of its children for the future,” the KGB man had said. Five-year old Illya did not understand, but he would soon learn. (4 pages)
  • Wargame by Jean Graham–The rigid rules of Kiev’s state school could make life difficult for any student who dared to test the system. Young Illya Kuryakin was to learn that ‘wrong thinking’ carried an unexpected penalty. (8 pages)
  • The Dissident by Jean Graham–Recalling Illya’s first disillusionment with Mother Russia. (8 pages)
  • The U.N.C.L.E. Affair by Charlene Kirby (3 pages)
  • Rescue by A. M. Einicker–It was bad enough Napoleon Solo had to get himself arrested by an over-eager Southern sheriff. Illya had to rescue him. And the sheriff had a thing about Russians. (4 pages)
  • Occupational Hazard by Steve Jordenaur–The THRUSH drug had been formulated to inflict pain, horror, and eventually death. Illya fought hard to ward off its terrifying effects long enough to deliver one message to Napoleon Solo. (5 pages)
  • First Day, Last Day by Dave Wallace and Steve Jordenaur–Illya’s memories of his first day at UNCLE were pleasant enough. It was the final confrontation with Alexander Waverly, on the day of Illya’s resignation, that he dreaded most. (4 pages)
  • The Warning by Lisa Kirk–The injured woman brought to New York headquarters from the aborted Budapest mission had little to say to UNCLE’s translators, until she began asking for Illya by name. (3 pages)
  • Revenge by Lisa Kirk (8 pages)
  • The Lucky for You I Came Along Affair by Hindman—Napoleon runs into a Russian naval lieutenant who’s disgusted with the system and ready to defect. Reprinted in Relative Encounters #4 and UNCLE Gold #1. (10 pages)
  • The Greyhound Bus Affair by Gina Martin–What happens when an agent from UNCLE takes the bus? (3 pages)
  • The Russian Ballet Affair by Gina Martin—Napoleon needs to decide who to take to the ballet. (2 pages)
  • Home- by Virginia Waldron (11 pages)

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